Project Funding

Project Funding in India

Project funding is a concept that has gained popularity worldwide.This is because of the nature of its concept that supports fostering of the businesses. In India as well project funding has been accepted as a promising medium for the entrepreneurs and small business houses to give wings to their businesses.

Documents required for raising Project Funding 

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  • Two Prospects(in case of Public Ltd. company providing Share / Debenture to the public)
  • Shareholding pattern
  • Form No. 32 for outgoing and incoming executives, if any.
  • Project Report
  • KYC of the Promoters of the concerned entity
  • Bank statement of the last accounting year.

Features of Project Funding in India

In the project funding, the capital can raise for virtually any project type. Thus, this is simply among the important features of project funding. It involves investors’ funds. Also, the financed loans that to be repaid as soon as the cash flow marks its way.

1. It's non-recourse

In project financing, the borrower is not likely to have obligations in the cases of default. It's a kind of mortgage that banks take while financing the project. Thus, when discrepancies like the borrower being powerless to make the complete or partial repayment of the loan; Banks, financial institutions, and lending firms use that mortgage to recover the loan amount. The recovery of theirs is going to be the same as the mortgage value, and can't exceed it.

2. Multiple participants as lenders/investors

As this particular loan is taken for long-term, big scaled projects, therefore there's a participation of several entities which ensures the process is collectively smooth, and fast.

3. SPV overview

The Special Purpose Vehicle(SPV) is keen on the proceedings of the venture. Additionally, it maintains a line of sight at the assets. Thus, after the conclusion of the project, asset allocation is processed concerning the Special Purpose Vehicle which monitors all of that.

4. Revenue from the finished project for repayment

Therefore the cash flow which the project generates after completion can be used for the repayment of the loan. A credit rating of the sponsor has little impact on project funding.

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How to Get Project Funding in India?

Underneath are the steps to availing of scheme funding in India:

1. Identifying the summary in addition to the prospective capacity of the project:

For borrowers that are looking for project financing to finance their project have got to first recognize exactly how the project will turn out? Plus, How will it be revealed to the investors and lenders? So that the picture is clear on all sides so that the process can start.

2. Exploring the general viability of the project:

All of the costs, market taxes, and the general identification of which industry will be applicable determine the feasibility of the project. Thus, this is extremely crucial.

3. Discover the internal factors of the plan:

This step is essential. Because the study of just how much human resources or perhaps sources of technology will require would enable the sponsor to commence the procedure. Consequently, it raises the overall sustainability of the project.

4. Finding out the project finance sources:

Discovering the proper sources of investment in the projects is one more important aspect. The lending parties need to be conscious of the proceedings of the project.

5. Risk management:

Identifying potential risks will be the final stage of project financing. There are external and internal various risks that surround a project regardless of the industry. Managing such risks after identifying them ensures the project proceeds seamlessly.

Which business profile does apply for a Project Funding loan?

Builders majorly avail project finance. There are lending institutions that especially make available project finance intended for builders. Moreover, project finance for property development. Any business which wants to introduce, complete and monetize the project is eligible for a project funding loan.

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