Private Equity

Private Equity

Private equity is a category of investment consisting of capital not listed on the public exchange and is an alternate form of private investing. Private equity comprises funds and investors that directly invest in private companies. Retail and Institutional investors are the primary source of capital for private equity that can further be utilized to fund expansion of working capital, new technology, make acquisitions, and strengthen the balance sheet. Private equity requires considerably long holding periods to enable liquidity for distressed companies or events such as the launch of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Private Equity can be gained from banks or non banking finance companies (NBFC). There is a greater chance of striking a better deal when working with a NBFC, and that is exactly what Chandra Credit Ltd. offers.

How Does Chandra Credit provide Private Equity?   

Chandra Credit is undoubtedly one of the top Private equity investment firms in India, providing funds in the following ways:

1. Distressed funding: Money in distressed funding is invested in sick or underperforming companies, in terms of business and assets. Hence, distressed funding is also called Vulture Financing. This kind of funding intends to make the necessary changes and turn around these assets or businesses into profit-making companies. It could happen via a change in management, operations, or sale of an asset for a profit. So if your business is in a puddle, CCL is here to help you sail through, what it requires in return is the detailed outline of business, its net worth, sales, collateral, and an estimated payback period.

2. Venture Capital: Venture capital funding, also known as angel capital, is a form of private equity, where investors provide capital to entrepreneurs. It is a type of capital ideally offered to startups, small businesses, and early stages of growing ventures. Have a solid business plan, but lack the capital required to get started? Chandra Capital Ltd. Is the answer to all your funding issues. If you are looking for joint ventures, CCL can provide assistance in the same.  

Advantages of Private Equity

Private equity offers several advantages to startups and companies.

1.It favors the companies by allowing access to liquidity as an alternative to conventional financing methods, such as listing on public markets or high-interest bank loans.

2.Private Equity, such as Venture Capital, supports small businesses and startups by funding their requirement.

3.It is a great way to pump in cash flows to your business.

4.It is a great way to reward your management team and give them an incentive to stick around.

5.Private Equity firms have their own interest in mind; hence, ensure your company succeeds, offering you a commitment to succeed as their investment.

Wrap up

So in short, Private Equity is a great source of raising funds, and what better than CCL? CCL is here to provide assistance at every possible step enabling you to raise the much required capital for your business.





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